Water Changes Everything


  1. Improves the overal performance of equipment, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  2. Saves on repair, maintenance, labor and energy costs.
  3. Fits into your current system without the need for any additional renovation.
  4. Prevents new scale buildup in pipes.
  5. Gradually removes existing scale buildup in pipes.
  6. Removes the habitat for microorganisms and bacteria producing healthier water.
  7. Reduces hardness in water without the need for chemicals or salts.
  8. Improves the odor of the water.
  9. Environmentally friendly.
  10. Zero electrical costs.
  11. Low maintenance costs.
  12. Improves the taste of the water.
Commercial Water Treatment System

The Technology of the Solavite System

Water Treatment Process
The Solavite system is based on a unique physical catalyst that occurs when natural properties of the earth’s magnetic field are combined with the diamagnetic materials within a cell. Without changing the chemical composition of the water, and consequently, without modifying the quantity of solids dissolved in the water, it permits hard water to be turned into soft water.

It is not a filter. It does not use electricity, magnets, reverse osmosis or added chemicals. It is a catalyst which causes physical changes to the solids in the water and in the water’s magnetic characteristics.

The Solavite cell is a hermetically sealed copper cylinder containing naturally diamagnetic materials. The cells are encased in an aluminum housing that has a special coating. When in use, the water flow over the cell causes a static electrical charge which alters the scale forming properties of the water and consequently the taste and smell of the water is improved.

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